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Consider us your collaborative catalyst from start to finish. We work closely coordinated with our clients on strategizing, executing and managing marketing and sales brand expansion in China. Our holistic approach to long-term brand building and strong ties to local sales channels ensure clients their Chinese market share.

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Our Journey: From Experts to E-Commerce Leaders

At Genuine we pride ourselves on being more than just a company; we are a unified force of digital marketing and ecommerce mavens. Recognized globally, we act as a pivotal bridge, enabling brands to magnify their digital footprints and e-commerce endeavors.

In 2017, our journey commenced, fueled by an ambition to assist western brands in navigating the intricate terrains of the Chinese ecommerce realm. Throughout this voyage, our growth wasn't solitary. It was synonymous with the triumphs of our clients. Each success story of a brand we aided was a testament to our dedication and expertise.

Today, Genuine stands tall, renowned as a vanguard amongst ecommerce specialists. We are the beacon for international brands seeking prosperity in the vast markets of China and South East Asia. Our commitment is unwavering, irrespective of the scale or nature of the challenge.

Building & Scaling E-commerce Brands in China and South East Asia

We specialize in guiding international brands through the intricacies of building and scaling a robust e-commerce business across the multifaceted landscapes of the Chinese and South East Asian markets. Our expertise doesn't merely lie in providing a service, but in understanding the unique nuances of these markets, ensuring our clients' brands resonate with local consumers.

From the initial stages of strategizing to the finer points of execution in both China and South East Asia, our comprehensive approach encompasses every aspect of the ecommerce journey. Whether it's setting up and operating ecommerce stores, amplifying marketing campaigns, or boosting sales performance, our dedicated team is equipped to tackle every challenge and seize every opportunity.

Why Our Endeavors Matter

In today's increasingly globalized society, the essence of a fully connected world isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. At Genuine, we experience this interconnectedness daily, both in our collaboration with clients and our fruitful partnerships. We pride ourselves on being more than just another agency; we are bridge builders and enablers in the truest sense.

Our expertise lies not just in linking brands with their respective target audiences, but also in bridging the cultural chasm between the East and the West. This isn't merely about business or profitability for us—it's about fostering a deeper, mutual understanding between diverse cultures. It's about transcending boundaries, sharing values, and building bridges of communication and commerce.

Every individual at Genuine is fueled by this mission, driven by the idea of creating a world where cultural nuances are celebrated, not just understood. A world where businesses don't just operate but thrive by leveraging these nuances.

Meet the GENUINE team

Genuine is comprised of an enthusiastic collective of multi-national digital natives, sharing the same panache and verve for brands, e-commerce and social media marketing alike. Loaded with hands-on competence in China.

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Managing Partner
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Vice President
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