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We partner with brands to drive their future growth by facilitating a swift entry and soft landing to the complex Chinese market – hassle-free, responsive, and absolutely dependable.

Awarded Alibaba, JD, and Douyin (TikTok) Partner
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We like pushing boundaries.

A well-rehearsed team of digital natives, we leverage our hands-on China expertise and local infrastructure to enable fast access and measurable results for german brands abroad. Clients refer to us as a dynamic and reliable one-stop distribution partner for their business expansion into one of the most promising markets. Our holistic approach to long-term brand building and strong ties to local sales channels ensure clients their Chinese market share.

Genuine Brand Building

Consider us your collaborative catalyst from start to finish. We work closely coordinated with our clients on strategizing, executing and managing their brand expansion in China.

"The Chinese market is a big opportunity, yet difficult to enter and manage. We have experienced enough challenges to understand what works and what doesn’t. Therefore we prefer to generate sustainable growth based on realistic assumptions."

Damian Maib
Founder & Managing Director
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1. Brand Prep

We devise a positioning strategy to build up your brand in China: by analyzing market potentials, assessing e-commerce platforms, laying out marketing, pricing and distribution schemes and by ramping up operations…

2. Sales Boost

After launching your e-platform stores we manage the entire value chain – from custom clearings to last mile delivery –, trigger social media and performance marketing campaigns and provide customer services.

3. Performance Control

As your brand is growing in a new market we keep track of facts & figures – running costs, sales development, media initiatives, revenue targets – to validate if the devised strategy needs another tweak.


Genuine Services

Genuine is the one-stop shop for operating the entire value chain for consumer brands in China ranging from Operations, to Marketing, and Sales.


Genuine Services

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Export Documentation
Shipping (Sea / Air)
Custom Clearance
Product Registration
Regulatory Labeling
Warehousing Inventory
Last Mile Delivery
Return Management


Online Marketing
Content Marketing
Influencer & KOL Campaigning
Community Management
Public Relations
Brand Image Control


Shop design & Setup
Platform Operations
Sales Channeling
Pricing & Control
Sales Campaign
Customer Services
Performance Reporting
Cross-border & General Trade

Our Approach

One-Stop E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Solutions

Genuine - the hidden champion scaling international brands in the complex Chinese market via exceptional ecommerce and social media marketing.

We are the one-stop shop for operating the entire value chain for consumer brands in China ranging from Operations, to Marketing, and Sales.

With our unique, holistic approach of operating brands, paired with an excellent understanding of the digital ecosystem in China we deliver real impact and measurable results.

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We create the channels, content and processes you need to market and sell your products online. Our clients range from listed companies to family owned businesses.


As a 5-STAR TP we take care of the operations behind high-performing e-commerce stores on all relevant online sales channels across Tmall, JD, Douyin, and others.


We know what it takes to scale your e-commerce presence from 0-1, 1-10, and 10-100 while working closely coordinated with your internal team.


We are strategizing on C-Level relevant challenges and enabling the subsequent executing of the developed plans.

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We offer all-in-one solutions for your successful, hassle-free China market entry and management.
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