We’re helping Industrial companies to generate leads and traffic from the Chinese digital landscape

Genuine German is a pioneer in developing e-commerce sales channels for quality products from abroad in China. Since 2017, we are supporting mainly German companies from various industries in their e-commerce strategy and implementation. Today are customers come for all over the world.

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You want to increase your global online B2B sales by growing revenues from China?

You are facing the following issues:
You don’t know the demand of Chinese customers and what price to charge?
You want to improve your existing sales strategy in China?
You are not familiar with the sales channels and how to reach your customers?
Chinese customer behavior is a miracle to you?
You need help to position your product and understand relevant marketings strategies?
You want to minimize efforts and increase transparency
You want to understand your competitive edge
You want to avoid cultural pit falls in the B2B Marketing and E-Commerce in China?

Discover the Genuine Way

We work with Western B2B clients to drive their future growth by providing them with a successful overview, entry and understanding of the complex Chinese B2B market - smoothly, reliably, transparently, and honestly.

As a cohesive team of digital natives, we leverage our hands-on China expertise and local infrastructure to provide Western brands in China and Asia with rapid access and measurable results. Our clients value us as a dynamic and reliable one-stop distribution partner (all from one source) for their business expansion in one of the most promising markets. Our holistic approach to long-term brand building and our close ties to local distribution channels ensure our clients' market share in China.

Since 2017, we as GENUINE work with companies to transform sales and marketing to digital, avoiding paper work, avoiding endless touchpoints and avoiding manual credit. Online catalogues with personalized recommendations, web chat or video calls with experts, as well as online “how-to” videos help to produce better results with following:

Help B2B clients outreach more efficiently and less costs
Support with analytics and data for better decision making
Generate potential for strong growth
Target industrial groups more efficiently
Produce better results ins sales and marketing
Improve the overall customer experience while enhancing efficiency, sales, and revenue growth
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Partnerships & Cooperations 2023
Premium Partnership with the Aushandelskammer Shanghai 2023
In Partnership with the Melchers Group
Project Partnerships with McKinsey Digital

Which B2B products are good for sales on E-Commerce in China?

B2B products, that are easy to understand, widely used, customizable, easy to transport, competitively priced, and sold on a trustworthy platform can be sold most successfully and with highest consumer satisfaction, on e-commerce. (Measured by Product retour rates)

Products that can be customized to the buyers’ needs are very attractive to B2B online buyers. We have observed that the lighter the product and the easier to transport, the higher is the sales rate of the product. However, B2B byers compare prices and features efficiently online and are extremely cost sensitive. In addition, in China sales via reputable e-commerce platforms provide more trust in the whole online transaction (compared to sourcing from a vendor’s webpage).

In China products that require a lot of explanation or are difficult to use may require more in-person introduction, in these cases e-commerce is successfully used to attract awareness, the close of the sales deal is then fullfilled offline.

Examples of B2B products most successfully placed online in China

Cleaning Supplies

Sanitizers, disinfectants, and cleaning equipment are necessary for many businesses

Office supplies

Items such as printer paper, ink cartridges, and toners

Safety equipment

Products such as masks, gloves, and face shields have been in high demand due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Industrial equipment

Products such as machinery parts, industrial tools and equipment which are essential for many businesses


Computer hardware, software, and networking equipment, especially for businesses that require remote work and digital communication

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage products for restaurants, canteens und hotels

Genuine: Our Key Services in B2B in E-Commerce and Online Marketing


We help you to create clear online product catalogs, appealing online marketing material and successful
internet presences

Buyer specification

Catalogs, price lists, payment options, shipping

Simple and self-explanatory

Userfriendly B2C-like buying experience for wholesale buyers configurated to specific needs

Service orientation

B2C services in B2B industries to meet the new user expectations

Customized solutions

Tailored for your customers, catalogs, price lists, payment options, and more

Web and Mobile

SSO-enabled web storefront and native mobile apps (iOS, Android) full-featured even when offline

Use across all channels

Single configuration of catalogs, pricing, promotions and workflow visible and usable across all channels


Seamless integration to payment gateways

Adaption to intercultural

Successful localization to the home market with language, currency. tax rules


Configurable dashboards, reports and notifications for you and your buyers

Back-office integrations

Keep data fresh, relevant and consistent across channels, with our back-office integration solutions

Stable user experience

Create unique user experiences driven by robust APIs

"The Chinese market is a great opportunity, but difficult to enter and manage. We have experienced enough challenges to understand what works and what doesn't. That's why we prefer to generate sustainable growth based on realistic assumptions."

Damian Maib
Founder and Executive Director

What does ist mean for B2B and E-Commerce in detail?

At GENUINE we deliver digital tools that deliver...
an improved end-to-end customer journey
incremental sales opportunities
increased sales-force efficiency
Benefits can be major improvement of customer satisfaction and major improvement on sales revenues.
Increase your transparency on operational performance
Make sales and operations processes more efficient
Inflate inventory to compensate for inefficiencies
Be able to properly link parts and labor with cost KPIs
Data analytics overview

Customers are accustomed to online B2C sales channels, which companies have been perfecting for years, and the expectation to industrials to perform the same user-friendly experience across B2B platforms still fall short.

Online interactions have increased during COVID-19 as face-to-face interactions were forced to decrease. Many statistics show, this shift is to become permanent, B2C and B2B buyers have become accustomed to researching products, placing orders and tracking packages online.

Meanwhile customers see some common success factors for digitalization including a clear focus on impact, employee buy-in, cross-functional collaboration, and a detailed implementation plan.

Your Gamechanger - Our five step process

To remain competitive and develop new business areas, it is necessary to follow five essential steps to a successful E-Commerce transformation.

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Understand your own ecosystem and use it
Implement E-commerce solutions with Design Thinking and Lean Startup
Start with one hero product - and adapt other products later
Enable employees and organization for E-Commerce understanding
Understand e-commerce as a matter for the boss

Companies we're working with

"For industrial companies and as a trading marketplace, online presence is becoming increasingly relevant - with GENUINE we have a reliable partner on our side."

Christian Schotmann
Managing Director, Helukabel Shanghai

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