Online meets Offline – Genuine’s 020 showcase

Discover Brauns-Heitmann: combining tradition and innovation in China with Genuine's seamless online-offline integration

Brauns-Heitmann is a family business with a long tradition. Since 1874, it has been developing, producing and marketing special products for household and laundry care, decorative articles and food and egg colouring. With its brands Heitmann, Heitmann pure, Impresan, Imprägnol and simplicol, the company has a dominant position in many sectors and markets its products worldwide.

Over the past several years, Brauns-Heitmann has exclusively conducted its online business operations through Genuine, resulting in favorable outcomes. Additionally, we have been dedicated to our offline endeavors. Collaborating with our joint venture partner for offline initiatives, we have executed strategic campaigns in high-end supermarkets across the country. Currently, Heitmann products are accessible in more than 600 retail outlets throughout China with a constant growth rate.

Billboard advertisment, Guangdong province

In addition, a major collaboration was forged between BRH and 阿福Thomas, a prominent German influencer in China with an impressive following of more than 10 million followers on Chinese social media. This strategic partnership has allowed us to increase our market presence and effectively engage with a wider audience.

Metro advertisment with 阿福Thomas, aka Thomas Derksen

Brauns-Heitmann's long tradition dating back to 1874, together with its diverse range of household, laundry, decorative and food products, has cemented the company's position as a leading player in the national and international market. The company's strategic positioning in China, achieved through e-commerce, offline campaigns and influential partnerships such as that with 阿福Thomas, underlines its commitment to innovation and expansion. With a robust network of hundreds of retail outlets, including recent expansions, Brauns-Heitmann will continue to thrive as a beacon of quality and tradition in the Chinese marketplace with the support of Genuine.